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What is the Microsoft Lync and the Lync Project 2013 ?
Connected Educators: Lync Communities Online
Basically, Lync is…. Instant messaging…voice and/or video conferencing…desktop / application / file sharing on the fly…and more! read more about Lync hereThis is an exemplar project for Learn Local organisations in the use of Microsoft® Lync™ as acommunication / teaching tool.Access to the tool is already available through the Microsoft Agreement, and this project willcontinue to raise awareness of the product and it capabilities through training and support.ACFE eMentors and eChamps will continue to use Lync as a communication tool across Victoria,connecting with 61 Learn Local centres currently in the ACFE eMentor project 2012 / 2013.The objectives for 2013 are for CAE and AMES to:
  • provide access to and technical support for MS Lync to managers and teachers

  • explore the use of Lync on mobile devices such as iPads, initially for the eMentors and eChamps

  • establish online communities of practice across participating Learn Local organisations in Victoria

  • focus on developing Lync as a tool in developing alternative training / support models for Learn Local centres

  • develop a series of case studies showcasing the use of Lync in the Learn Local sector

Additionally, the project will document and report on what is involved with installing the Lync server software on an organisation’s server.A report and the case studies of the trials and any supporting resources will be made available in this wiki.

So why does Microsoft Lync matter? - What can it do for you and your organisation?