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Video Resources

The resources and links below may assist you with Lync. If you need further assistance post a message in the Discussion Board . Discussion board posts will be checked and answered on a daily basis.

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Lync compatibility with Operating systems & Servers
FAQ Microsoft Lync 2010
Click here for our Troubleshooting Documment
This covers the basics to get you started
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Looking for FAQ for getting Lync working on MAC try this link:
Troubleshooting sign-in issues with Lync
Limiting factor within LAN environments

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Technical Specifications - Resources

If you are looking for Technical specifications needed to run Lync and or a comparison between versions click on the links below:

System requirements for Lync

Lync 2010 Client : including for Apple Mac

Lync 2013 Client :

Opening Ports : Ports may need to be opened in a network==

For network requirements, see:

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Lync Addins and Lync Attendee

Links for Lync addins and Lync Attendee:

Lync Attendee:

Lync Attendee :

Conversation Translator: Add-In for Microsoft Lync 2010:

Conversation Translator for Microsoft Lync 2010 Getting Started Guide for end users:

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