Case Study 8: Remote Locations

Debra Smith
Simpson and District
Michael Gwyther
LYNC Project Barwon South West
Uptake in the Barwon South West Region has been very poor with not much interest shown through the Region. One Provider took the opportunity to access LYNC but has decided they will be testing Google Hangouts more intensely as LYNC doesn’t quite fit what they are looking for.
Due to the poor take-up we decided to put a LYNC session in our Roadshow and also do a LYNC meeting whilst Michael was doing a site visit in Hamilton and I was in Simpson Office.

What was the aim of the session?
Michael was visiting a large provider in Hamilton so the session was aimed at showing the management and trainers who were all on site what they could do with LYNC. We showcased video call, voice call, Instant Messaging, Whiteboard and Sharing of documents. The main aim of the session was to generate some interest in LYNC. The management showed interest but not the trainers so they decided not to proceed as the trainers would be the main users.

What worked?
The voice and video call went well and were very clear, same with instant messaging however the document took time to load. Although the management seemed impressed the trainers seemed to view it as another thing to add to their workload rather than a tool that could ease their workload. I am unsure how we get around these prejudices.

What challenges did you have?
The biggest challenge was the internet connection in the premises where the meeting was held. It was a large area with Wi-Fi that dropped out quite a few times. The program worked beautifully it was their infrastructure that was the problem. Another issue we had was that Michael was on a MacBook which does not work well with the whiteboard or polling.
The provider that did sign up had a challenge installing the program due to the different operating systems they have running in the organisation and then logging in was an issue with a three day turnaround for them to be able to get online.
LYNC is a great tool and maybe ACFE need to get the Regional Offices LYNCed in. This may encourage other providers to come on board. With the size of the regions’ provider forums were scarce this past year so an online quarterly meeting utilising LYNC would be good for all concerned.
As with most new things “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. I am disappointed that there was so little enthusiasm for LYNC in the region as I think it is a great tool and one I hope ACFE proceeds with.

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