Case Study 7: Rural Networks

Korumburra Lync

Katt Matthews
Fiona Ross
What was the aim of the session?
The purpose of the session was to deliver a training session on reflective practice for 108 Degrees of Reflection - Moderating in Gippsland Project focussing the moderation of pre-accredited course delivery process. Presentation included a ppt presentation and interactive reflective activity around reflecting using the Driscoll reflective model.

What worked?
Initial connection and file transfer of the ppt presentation and learner activity worked.
Making sure there was a handout of the ppt presentation and learner activity to send prior to beginning webinar.
Having a trainer on site to continue with session face to face when technology failed.

What challenges did we have?
  • Resistance to technology and its use to deliver training and information.
  • The internet connection failed and audio was extremely poor.
  • Relying on a wireless internet dongle as only form of connection.
  • Frustration of participants due to the poor quality of audio.
  • Other online meeting environments suffered the same issues proving the importance of having a constant or wired internet connection available when attempting to present in more remote rural areas.
  • Recording of session caused dropout of connection

  • Prepare handouts of materials to be used in webinars / presentation and either send them prior to the presentation or use the file share feature to send through to participants at the start of the session.
  • Record session if possible so participants can revisit presentation.
  • It is advisable in the early stages to have someone in a face to face capacity at the delivery site to take over if technology fails.
  • When possible always work on a computer that is hard wired to the internet - don't rely on a wireless internet connection.
  • If possible test your Lync connection prior to your session date to be aware of any issues that may arise.

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