Case Study 6: Alternative Lync via T-Suite
Telstra connection
Pat Grosse
Daryl Hunt
What was the aim of the Session?
The aim was to compare Microsoft Lync through AMES with Microsoft Lync 365 provided by Telstra T-Suite

What Worked?
The Telstra version worked as well as the AMES network with additional features associated with being part of a cloud server:
(1) Ability to schedule meetings in Outlook
(2) Ability to show a record of previous meetings
(3) Ability to connect with people on Lync, Skype or other
(4) Ability to segregate contacts so that some can see where the person located and others can’t
(5) Both Pat and Daryl were able to schedule through their servers

What Challenges did we have?
No challenges were different to what we would have experienced via AMES.

This evaluation did not extend to the costs and infrastructure associated with putting Microsoft Lync on a dedicated server. However, we did look at the possibility of accessing Lync through a cloud server eg Telstra T-Suite. All maintenance and upgrades would be the responsibility of Telstra, freeing the Learn Local from headaches.
The Learn Local organisation could purchase a license for the teacher/manager users, who could invite learners into classes, keeping the number of licenses required to a minimum.

Connection / Cost

Lync 2013 licenses are $8.10 per month enabling users to:
  • View presence status and click-to-communicate from within Outlook, SharePoint Online and other Office applications
  • Move easily from instant messaging into ad-hoc online meetings including audio, video and screen sharing with just a few mouse clicks
  • Conduct online presentations to colleagues including audio, video, screen sharing and a virtual whiteboard
  • Invite external contacts to easily join online meetings via a native or web-based client
  • Connect with students and partners through instant messaging, audio and video calling
  • Reply to an email with an instant message or an audio call for quicker and more effective resolution of issues
  • Instant message with Windows Live contacts right from Microsoft Lync Online
  • Intelligent Instant Message Filter (IIMF) built into Lync Online, which helps protect both the customer network and the Microsoft managed network against the spread of the most common viruses and spam
  • 99.9% service availability with service credits if service levels are not met

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