Case Study 4: RTO Collaborations

Glenroy / CAE
Vivian Ambrus
Ann Hardingham
What was the aim of the Session?
The sessions are aimed at having learners connect using eLearning. The group has previously experienced Google Hangouts and this was another means of getting learners to meet other learners in Learn Local Organisations. Previous sessions were aimed at encouraging conversation using the audio and in the use of open ended questions to discuss topics.

What Worked?
The sessions have been conducted during term 4. Both the teacher Vivian Ambrus and the class were able to log into Lync using the Meet Now link.
Session 1 - 9 October was an introduction session were the teacher accepted the Meet Now link and the data projector was used to display the Lync platform. We demonstrated the tools using audio and a prepared PowerPoint slide.
Session 2 - 16 October was conducted with all the class accepting the Meet Now link and working from their desktop computers. We presented a PowerPoint slide and share the desktop demonstrating Key Pass as a tool for saving passwords.
Session 3 - 25 October Worked with Vivian to determine the issue with the audio in the classroom. Learners participated using the Chat tool and navigated through the PowerPoint slides.

What Challenges did you have?
The learners had no problem logging into ‘Meet Now’. The challenges have been the audio when using the ‘Meet Now’ link with the learners at Glenroy. Some of the computers were running XP which would not allow the use of audio. Other computers had trouble loading internet due to poor internet speed. Internet at the Learn Local centre was not reliable.
Some learners were not able to access the tools but were able to view the shared desktop and the web tour.

The preparation prior to launching into the sessions is important. Checking the audio and internet access for using the ‘Meet Now’ link.
Have handouts prior to the session explaining what to expect and how to use the tools.

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