Case Study 1: Teacher Networks

GEST 1 session
Gippsland Employment Services Training
What was the aim of the Session?
GEST has a project being delivered every Week by a support Mentor face to face and online facilitators.
The aim of the sessions was to teach both the RTO’s administration and tutors how to manage and use Lync to collaborate and network. GEST is an RTO in Moe and is very interested in developing a blended delivery throughout Gippsland Region.
GEST are planning to update their computers and are getting a new server so that all staff have access to Lync.

What Worked?
After trialling BBC and having difficulty with Java being blocked it was good to see Lync Meet Now work so well.
90% of attendees did not have an issue with the program and enjoyed the experience. Allowing others to create a whiteboard or share a desktop and interacting on the white board.
The administration officer at GEST uses Lync as a learning tool with Junita and often asks her for help using Lync.

What Challenges did you have?
GEST has had a problem with computers and the work ones are still XP. Laptops were brought in to make sure everyone had windows 7. We had to use Meet Now as although most have a Lync login they have to wait for the computer upgrade.
Once all staff are logged in to Lync they will start to develop its use.

GEST upgrade computers to windows 7 at the least and start using word 10 or above.

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